Two Peaks in Two Hours

Hiking is a popular sport in Korea, but is much less about the mountain, and more about who you’re with, what you’re wearing, and what to eat. I’m digging back a bit and describing one of my first hikes in Korea last fall. What I expected to be a laid back adventure ended up unfolding in colorful scenes, sort of like a comic book. So, that’s how I’m going to present it to you.

The Tourism Paparazzi

The tourism industry in Korea is on point.  With hundreds of festivals, social media groups, and weekly events and programs, it’s so easy to find things to do in the city of Seoul and other areas of the country.  A lot of trips and programs are specifically geared towards foreigners, and this last weekend was no exception.

Jolly Times in Jeollanam-Do

Over Korean’s Memorial Day weekend I traveled to the southern province of Jeollanam-do, South Korea.  Since the holiday fell on a Friday this year, I was gifted with a rare three-day weekend.  I traveled through a tour company with about 50 other foreigners.  With the amount of things packed into the trip, three days felt like a week!

"Bizarre Foods" with Alexandra

One of my favorite Travel Channel TV shows is “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.”  He travels the world eating the most unusual and oftentimes grotesque foods a tourist can find.  A man after my own heart, he’s a true believer that “sharing food is the best way to experience other cultures.” Seoul, South Korea is nothing new to Mr. Zimmern; you can watch his full Korean episode here.  While I’m no Andrew Zimmern, I’m pretty adventurous in trying new foods.  Korea by far has boasted the most insane cuisine I’ve ever encountered.  Honestly, I… Read More

Job Description: True Korean "Ajumma"

General Description A true Korean ajumma goes beyond the literal translation of “aunt” and delves further into the stereotype of creating a third Korean gender: man, woman, ajumma.  She, the candidate, will possess a broad knowledge of traditional Korean recipes and mothering, as well as grandmothering and possibly great-grandmothering depending on experience.  If successful, candidates will contribute greatly to the ajumma cliche providing irritable customer service while somehow maintaining the public’s respect.

A Fortress Guarding Beef Ribs

Although Korea is a small country and you can find the same cuisine across the nation, each province or city prides itself on one specific dish.  In the case of Suwon, South Korea its famous meal is sogalbi (beef ribs).  I traveled 30 minutes outside of Seoul with Korean friend, Mrs. Hoa, to meet her former professor, Mr. Cho, now a dear friend, in Suwon, who wasted no time in taking us to the most famous restaurant in the city.

Christmas in Korea, Featuring Germany and Belgium

With this being my first Christmas away from home, and in a country so far away, I’ve been feeling a surplus of Christmas spirit with very little outlet.  So I decided to bring an American Christmas to Korea.  I wanted to gift my Korean co-workers and friends with something “über” traditional to my home country.  I had no idea how ironic my use of the German word “über” would be…My first thought: candy canes!  What is more iconic to the jolly holiday than those adorable peppermint sticks.  My goal was to find them… Read More

Bibimbap for the King…and Michael Jackson

Food has always been an extremely important piece of Korean culture.  For the kings of the Joseon dynasty beginning in the 1300’s, food was as precious as gold.  The royal dishes, called “sura”, were made by the most skillful cooks using only the best seasonal ingredients selected from every available source in the country.  Kings usually dined on three square meals a day, each with 9-12 side dishes!  Here is a replica of how a typical table appeared at mealtime in the palace.  It’s good to be the king, eh? Replicas of… Read More

An Apple That Says, "I’m Sorry"

October 24th here in Korea is national Apple Day. The Korean word for apple is “sah-gwa” which is also the word used for “sorry.” The tradition of Apple Day is to bestow an apple upon someone deserving of your apology. Whether you need to admit guilt to a friend, confess a lie to a loved one, or beg pardon from your boss, it’s an adorable request for forgiveness that’s sure to be accepted. On this day, I bequeath unto “Who Eats Better?” my sah-gwa as an apology for my neglect these past… Read More