Job Description: True Korean "Ajumma"

General Description

A true Korean ajumma goes beyond the literal translation of “aunt” and delves further into the stereotype of creating a third Korean gender: man, woman, ajumma.  She, the candidate, will possess a broad knowledge of traditional Korean recipes and mothering, as well as grandmothering and possibly great-grandmothering depending on experience.  If successful, candidates will contribute greatly to the ajumma cliche providing irritable customer service while somehow maintaining the public’s respect.

Required Skills

  • Must be constantly in a rush and willing to shove innocent bystanders out of the way.
  • Must have the ability to sit on the floor (preferably in the way of pedestrians) for hours on end.
  • Must be able to eat twice the amount of food of an average person.
  • Must maintain a perfect scowl and surly demeanor alone, but adopt a pleasant attitude in the presence of other ajummas
  • Must always cut strangers in line, no matter how busy everyone seems. 
  • Must be comfortable using public restrooms without locking, or even closing, the stall door.
  • Must occasionally smile and offer open subway seats to foreigners.  

Desired Attributes

While not officially required, the following are strongly encouraged:

  • Short permed hair
  • Abundance of floral shirts
  • Therapeutic shoes 
  • Inability to be bothered by the little things (or anything, really)


At least 65 years of human existence

Work Status

Full time


This position requires extensive travel using the Seoul Metropolitan subway and bus systems. 

An ajumma enjoys lunch, unfazed, while a soldier opens fire. Photo source: KoreAm Blog

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