30 Days of Movie Snacks: Grand Finale!

Mission accomplished: my mom and I viewed 52 movies before February 28.  This includes each of the 15 short films (never knew I was missing out on these awesome flicks!), and unfortunately does not include the foreign films since they weren’t released anywhere near us until March — our limit was two hours, which is how far we drove to see the documentary shorts.  Turns out actually watching every nominated film does not make you an expert, but it does make you a bit of a dork who says, “Let’s host an Oscar… Read More

30 Days of Movie Snacks

30 days of movie snacks! Am I really going towatch a movie and eat snacks every day? Why, yes, yes I am.The Oscars are fast approaching and for the first time I’m going to watch EVERY movie that’s nominated. Every. Single. One.