30 Days of Movie Snacks

30 days of movie snacks! Am I really going towatch a movie and eat snacks every day? Why, yes, yes I am.The Oscars are fast approaching and for the first time I’m going to watch EVERY movie that’s nominated. Every. Single. One.

"Must Go Faster!"

If you care to enhance your blog-reading experience during this post, click here and leave open in another tab/window before proceeding.  Otherwise, continue reading.  You may now put on your reading glasses. Last night marked an important event in movie and my history: my all-time favorite movie Jurassic Park was re-released in theaters in 3D!  For the past week I had been counting down the days until last night, and had been trying to find a way to make it even more special.  If you read my last post about The Walking… Read More