Vegan Challenge: An Ode to Chickens

Run, chicken, run With your head a none It’s not much fun Run, chicken, run So keep your head You’re not yet dead Run, chicken, run No cages around To keep you bound Run, chicken, run One egg a day Then out to play Run, chicken, run Grass and grain No steroids or pain Run, chicken, run Feathers and plumes Life’s not doomed Run, chicken, run Not very smart But being chicken’s an art So run, chicken, run Next: “Vegan Challenge: Molten Peanut Butter Frosting”

Vegan Challenge: Hosting Dinner

About once a week some friends and I take turns hosting each other for dinner.  We aptly call it “Monday Night Dinner.”  Some of our most stand-out dishes include Alaskan salmon, pho with thinly sliced beef, and most recently, steak and cheesy potatoes.  So when it was my turn to host during my vegan challenge, I was pretty nervous.  I almost hoped my friends would forget I was forsaking meat and cheese and I could just trick them into thinking this was just like any other meal.  They all came in with… Read More

Happy Earth Day!

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a vegan earth day cake? View the full Earth Day post here.

Vegan Challenge: I Draw the Line at Yeast!

One week in and the vegan diet has been treating me well.  I unintentionally dropped three pounds, not necessarily due to not eating any cheese, but because I stopped snacking on junk food or doing late-night fridge raids.  While my body has been responding well, my sub-conscious has developed a snide side I never knew existed.  I feel like I’m constantly thinking of and being reminded of all the food I’m not allowed to eat.  It’s like someone gave me a coloring book, but took away more than half the crayons.  Grocery… Read More

The Vegan Challenge: Cold "Tofurky"

It all started with movie night at home.  I decided to forego my usual cheesy chick flick or horror cult classic (don’t ask) and choose something more educational, or in this case “vegucational” because I went with the documentary, Vegucated.  The movie follows three New York City omnivores through a six-week vegan challenge.  I did end up getting a mix of my favorite movie genres: there were plenty of gory images, literally involving chicks.  Less How can you hate these little guys? than 30 minutes in I was sobbing and calling my… Read More

"Must Go Faster!"

If you care to enhance your blog-reading experience during this post, click here and leave open in another tab/window before proceeding.  Otherwise, continue reading.  You may now put on your reading glasses. Last night marked an important event in movie and my history: my all-time favorite movie Jurassic Park was re-released in theaters in 3D!  For the past week I had been counting down the days until last night, and had been trying to find a way to make it even more special.  If you read my last post about The Walking… Read More

Braaaains! And Cupcakes

I love AMC’s The Walking Dead, and if there’s anything I love more than food, it’s food with a theme.  In honor of my favorite show’s Season 3 finale, and the graphic novel it’s based off of, I decided to do a comic themed post to exhibit the “zombie treats” I made on Sunday.  Enjoy!   

The Stomach Flu Woes

Oh, woe is me, too long from the blog have I been away. I haven’t been gone, or on vacation, I hate to say. No shortage of internet, or want of paper and pen. My typing hands still worked, and my head was a ten. The reason for my absence is much more internal. Let me explain why I ditched my online journal. The life of a food blogger relies on “gastro-creativity.” So a bout of stomach flu severely limits blog activity. No food for two days, warm broth doesn’t count. Room… Read More