An Apple That Says, "I’m Sorry"

October 24th here in Korea is national Apple Day. The Korean word for apple is “sah-gwa” which is also the word used for “sorry.” The tradition of Apple Day is to bestow an apple upon someone deserving of your apology. Whether you need to admit guilt to a friend, confess a lie to a loved one, or beg pardon from your boss, it’s an adorable request for forgiveness that’s sure to be accepted.

On this day, I bequeath unto “Who Eats Better?” my sah-gwa as an apology for my neglect these past five months and pledge to make a better effort at keeping this blog alive. But what good is one apple to an allergic writer, her mouth-less website, and its remote readers? So, for the first time in “Who Eats Better?” history, this post and its contents were written, photographed , and published using only the following products:

How about them Apples? 

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