Korean "Luck Pockets"

A museum’s hanbok cultural program. Traditional Korean clothing, known as hanbok, is vibrant and elegant.  While old-fashioned it is still sold in various markets (at a hefty price), custom tailored, and worn at special events and holidays.  Even in the modern day and in my short time in Korea, I’ve seen hanbok numerous times, in shop windows, during traditional performances, or just on the street around a national holiday.  Many palaces and museums offer cultural programs that allow visitors a chance to don the beautiful clothing and parade around the grounds as royalty.  Hanbok is a… Read More

Korean Staff Dinner Wins in Overtime

My school’s principal is a social man who loves his Korean alcohol.  Scheduled about once a month, staff dinners are a morale and team spirit booster.  To celebrate the start of the new semester, I traveled with my new colleagues to the coastal city of Incheon, about an hour west of Seoul.  In rare form, this dinner included an overnight in a pension on the beach.  This dinner was not for the faint of heart.  Looking back on it, I feel like I participated in a sporting event, some of the games… Read More