“30 DAYS OF…”

My birthday is January 7, and this year I turned the big 3-0!  Yup!  I’m 30!  Contrary to the vibes I’ve gotten from other people, including friends and strangers, who have polished off three decades of life, I feel pretty fantastic about starting my 31st year.  The age of 29 felt like a limbo for me, teetering between basking in my final days as a 20-something, and a “just get on with it” attitude.  I’ve been ready to turn 30 all year and am glad it’s finally here.  The best years are behind me, but more are still ahead!

My tiny boutique birthday cake

Just a little perspective for ya…












During the 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday, I made myself aware of the transition by incorporating something special into each day.  Most of this was due in large part to the fact that I’m currently living with my parents, and my mom is an amazing planner.  Every day I woke up to a postcard with a relevant quote or fact about being 30.  Sprinkled throughout the 30 days were more fun gifts or outings with my mom, ranging from a box of goldfish crackers to getting our ears pierced!  It was a lovely countdown to my birthday and is probably why the big day itself was so exciting.


My 30-day birthday preparation was so enjoyable, in fact, that I want to do more 30-day missions.  Luckily, I’ve had a little experience with this back when I did a 30-day vegan challenge.  This time around, since there are thirty days in a month, my brain has been racking for all the 30-day adventures I could have in a year, which is 12 for all you non-mathmeticians out there.  I first decided I wanted to incorporate it into my blog, which means each month will have to be related to food.  Yay!  The juices are flowing, which coincidentally is one of my ideas: 30 Days of Juicing.

I’ve dubbed most of January as “(Almost) 30 Days of 30-Day Ideas” so stay tuned for the first full 30-day experiment coming this February!

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