"Bizarre Foods" with Alexandra

One of my favorite Travel Channel TV shows is “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.”  He travels the world eating the most unusual and oftentimes grotesque foods a tourist can find.  A man after my own heart, he’s a true believer that “sharing food is the best way to experience other cultures.” Seoul, South Korea is nothing new to Mr. Zimmern; you can watch his full Korean episode here.  While I’m no Andrew Zimmern, I’m pretty adventurous in trying new foods.  Korea by far has boasted the most insane cuisine I’ve ever encountered.  Honestly, I… Read More

Job Description: True Korean "Ajumma"

General Description A true Korean ajumma goes beyond the literal translation of “aunt” and delves further into the stereotype of creating a third Korean gender: man, woman, ajumma.  She, the candidate, will possess a broad knowledge of traditional Korean recipes and mothering, as well as grandmothering and possibly great-grandmothering depending on experience.  If successful, candidates will contribute greatly to the ajumma cliche providing irritable customer service while somehow maintaining the public’s respect.