The Italian Saint With an Irish Fate

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day: the best illegal holiday in the country!  By illegal, I mean that it is not nationally recognized as a legal holiday in the U.S.  You would think after more than 300 years of celebrating, we could at least get the day off work or school.  No matter, it hasn’t and never will stop us from donning green and observing our Irish heritage if it’s part of our lineage, or just adopting an Irish background for the day.  I think you could argue St. Patrick’s Day is one of… Read More

Drew’s Variation: Spicy Chorizo-Stuffed Pork Loin

My younger brother Drew is an aspiring chef.  I think for at least the last decade the kitchen has been Drew’s domain.  Last year, at the age of 17, he published a calendar with beautiful pictures of some of his favorite creations, accompanied by recipe cards.  He’s amazing, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my little brother.  If I was stranded on an island and could only bring one thing, I’d bring him because we could quote Monty Python over some creative feast made out of coconuts and fish.  “Are… Read More

The Frozen Dead Guy

Yesterday marked the final day of the 12th annual Frozen Dead Guy Days festival in Nederland, CO. It’s a weekend-long celebration incorporating coffin races, snowy “beach” volleyball, an icy polar plunge, hearse parade, and frozen salmon tossing. I unfortunately got a late start to the icy festivities on Sunday due to some ice cold drinking festivities late Saturday night (oops!), but I did manage to catch a glimpse of some ice turkey bowling. Participants were sliding a giant frozen turkey down a snowy lane with hopes of achieving a 10-pin strike. It… Read More

"When do we eat?"

Hello and welcome to my first-ever blog!  I’m excited to finally kick start this long-time aspiration.  This project will be as much of an unpredictable journey for me as it is for anyone reading.  As my inspirational mother says, “It’s an experience, not a performance.”  With that being said, I’m ready to just dive in!  This first post is mainly to inaugurate the blog, an “inbloguration” if you will.   If you’ve ever seen Dick Tracy starring Warren Beatty and Madonna (1990), you may remember the adorably foul-mouthed orphan, “Kid”, whose most… Read More