Vegan Challenge: I’m only human!

Although the challenge wasn’t impossible and was pretty fun, I had my ups and downs.  As with any challenging obstacle, the thought of cheating crosses your mind at least once, even if it’s, “I will not cheat!” we’re still thinking about the prospect.  We’re only human!  So I will use this post to admit my biggest weaknesses throughout my 30-day trial.  Before I continue I would just like to point out a few of my extreme strengths: 1. My boss brought cupcakes to work one day and I didn’t even lick the frosting. … Read More

Vegan Challenge: Top 4 Restaurant Adventures

A sign explaining their “meats” 1. Native Foods  I stumbled upon this vegan gem totally by chance one day. I went with a friend who thought it was simply an organic, all-natural fast-food restaurant so it’d be easy for me to find something to eat. It was my first time dining out during the challenge and I sensed a bit of dread. I was afraid to read an amazing menu and have to settle for a boring salad. Instead of picking up a menu, I went straight to the counter and asked… Read More

Vegan Challenge: Mad Cow Cravings

I predicted I would be missing cheeseburgers and bacon-wrapped hotdogs (they’re real and they’re incredible), but my actual hankerings weren’t what I expected.  Here are my top six cravings: 1. Butter This one surprised me because I’ve never been a huge butter person before, pretty much only used it in baking. However, the first morning I woke up to eat breakfast during the challenge, all I wanted was buttery toast. 2. French Toast I think the last time I had French toast was over two years ago, yet this craving lasted me… Read More

Vegan Challenge: The Dreaded Dinner Party

For me, being invited to a dinner party is a chance to catch a glimpse into other people’s idea of good food (and their medicine cabinets – don’t judge, we all do it.) For the new boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s a nail-biting date; for in-laws, it’s untimely; for grandkids, it’s “What’s in the jello?”; for co-workers, it’s just more work…you get my drift. There’s usually a love-hate thing going on with dinner parties where we kind of hate being invited, but we love free food. However, for a vegan, it’s a nightmare…. Read More

Vegan Challenge: Happy Cow Haiku

Gentle through and through. Big brown eyes, bigger belly. Happy cow, say “Moo!” Next: “Vegan Challenge: The Dreaded Dinner Party”

Vegan Challenge: Molten Peanut Butter Frosting

Earth Day was last week and I was so excited to finally make a world-themed cake I’d been dreaming about for weeks. Of course, before I get into the cake itself, I want to mention some interesting facts I learned about the holiday. The concept was first conceived in the 1970s in response to environmental awareness on American college campuses. The date of April 22 was settled upon because it was the most convenient for college students: after spring break and before finals. It was only an American holiday until the 90s,… Read More