So, three years ago I wrote my inblogural” post  describing what I wanted Who Eats Better? to be about.  In the three years since, while the initial idea of a nontraditional food blog has been maintained, I’ve often struggled with my blog’s theme, look, content, etc.  I was looking at other seemingly perfect food blogs with beautiful pictures, cute short stories, and a successful recipe, thinking, “This is how my blog is supposed to look.”  Conforming into that mold of perfection proved impossible and I finally woke up one morning with the epiphany that I wasn’t meant to hide my flaws or the amateur photos I took with my Nokia flip phone (I was a little behind on the SmartPhone band wagon).  I wanted this blog to be different, not only from other blogs, but also from post to post within this one.  If you’re looking for a chili recipe or advice on clean eating, you might be disappointed.  However, I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you’ve found instead as you read about my food experiences: the good, the bad and the ugly!


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