Vegan Challenge: Happy Cow Haiku

Gentle through and through. Big brown eyes, bigger belly. Happy cow, say “Moo!” Next: “Vegan Challenge: The Dreaded Dinner Party”

Vegan Challenge: An Ode to Chickens

Run, chicken, run With your head a none It’s not much fun Run, chicken, run So keep your head You’re not yet dead Run, chicken, run No cages around To keep you bound Run, chicken, run One egg a day Then out to play Run, chicken, run Grass and grain No steroids or pain Run, chicken, run Feathers and plumes Life’s not doomed Run, chicken, run Not very smart But being chicken’s an art So run, chicken, run Next: “Vegan Challenge: Molten Peanut Butter Frosting”

The Stomach Flu Woes

Oh, woe is me, too long from the blog have I been away. I haven’t been gone, or on vacation, I hate to say. No shortage of internet, or want of paper and pen. My typing hands still worked, and my head was a ten. The reason for my absence is much more internal. Let me explain why I ditched my online journal. The life of a food blogger relies on “gastro-creativity.” So a bout of stomach flu severely limits blog activity. No food for two days, warm broth doesn’t count. Room… Read More