Bibimbap for the King…and Michael Jackson

Food has always been an extremely important piece of Korean culture.  For the kings of the Joseon dynasty beginning in the 1300’s, food was as precious as gold.  The royal dishes, called “sura”, were made by the most skillful cooks using only the best seasonal ingredients selected from every available source in the country.  Kings usually dined on three square meals a day, each with 9-12 side dishes!  Here is a replica of how a typical table appeared at mealtime in the palace.  It’s good to be the king, eh? Replicas of… Read More

An Apple That Says, "I’m Sorry"

October 24th here in Korea is national Apple Day. The Korean word for apple is “sah-gwa” which is also the word used for “sorry.” The tradition of Apple Day is to bestow an apple upon someone deserving of your apology. Whether you need to admit guilt to a friend, confess a lie to a loved one, or beg pardon from your boss, it’s an adorable request for forgiveness that’s sure to be accepted. On this day, I bequeath unto “Who Eats Better?” my sah-gwa as an apology for my neglect these past… Read More

Simply Aloha

Contrary to popular belief, “aloha” doesn’t translate to “hello” and “goodbye.”  It simply means “love.”  That is how I could best describe America’s 50th state: simply love.  The Hawaiian people share their own unique culture and language that makes it completely distinct from the rest of the country.  I felt totally at ease and content during my 10-day visit; no wonder it’s a top vacation destination.  Besides spending every day relaxing on a beach and catching up with my wonderful college friend, Rachel, and her family, one of the best parts of… Read More

The Italian Saint With an Irish Fate

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day: the best illegal holiday in the country!  By illegal, I mean that it is not nationally recognized as a legal holiday in the U.S.  You would think after more than 300 years of celebrating, we could at least get the day off work or school.  No matter, it hasn’t and never will stop us from donning green and observing our Irish heritage if it’s part of our lineage, or just adopting an Irish background for the day.  I think you could argue St. Patrick’s Day is one of… Read More

The Frozen Dead Guy

Yesterday marked the final day of the 12th annual Frozen Dead Guy Days festival in Nederland, CO. It’s a weekend-long celebration incorporating coffin races, snowy “beach” volleyball, an icy polar plunge, hearse parade, and frozen salmon tossing. I unfortunately got a late start to the icy festivities on Sunday due to some ice cold drinking festivities late Saturday night (oops!), but I did manage to catch a glimpse of some ice turkey bowling. Participants were sliding a giant frozen turkey down a snowy lane with hopes of achieving a 10-pin strike. It… Read More