Top 10 Tasty Adventures in 2013

As the year 2013 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all of its happenings.  And for Who Eats Better? it’s a mouthwatering time to graze over the most delicious, most terrifying, and most interesting topics of 2013.  Here are my Top 10 Tasty Adventures in 2013: remember the episodes previously aired on Who Eats Better? and enjoy several new experiences and photos never before posted!

10. HollyFood

I have always been a huge movie buff; this year I got really into baking.  Combine the two pleasures and you will find many treats inspired by Hollywood.
Clockwise from top left: The Game of Thrones birthday cake, Spiderman and Iron Man cupcakes, The Walking Dead pastry “intestines” and “brain” cupcakes, and the Jurassic Park logo of candy.

9. A Comic-Cook-Book

One of my very first posts inspired by my favorite food blogger, Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet.  View the full graphic novella here.

8. Monday Night Dinner

It’s hard to believe I’ve never written a specific post about Monday Night Dinner (MND) before because it was a significant tradition that spanned over more than two years of my time in Boulder, CO.   Almost every Monday night in my Boulder history, the MND crew took turns hosting each other for new recipes or old favorites, but most importantly, developing some of the most memorable episodes and significant friendships of my life.

7. Bill Clinton’s Mexican Platter

While visiting my grandparents in Tucson, AZ with my youngest brother Drew, we paid a visit to a famous Mexican restaurant featured on one of my favorite shows, Man vs. Food.  Mi Nidito has had its fair share of celebrities, but the reason for our trip was Bill Clinton.  He visited in 1989.  Being a huge fan of Mexican food, he couldn’t choose just one delicious menu item, so he ordered one of everything: bean tostado, beef taco, chile relleno, chicken enchilada, and beef tamale.  That doesn’t count the unlimited supply of chips and salsa.  Since that day, the restaurant has been serving Bill’s personal platter, and in June, 2013, Drew and I conquered it all.

6. Boulder Brewery Bouncing

One day: nine breweries.  Go!  Read the full story here.

5. Hawaii

This past spring I visited my best friend from college, Rachel, and her family while they were living in Hawaii.  It was an amazing trip!  Read about my most “onolicious” foods here.


4. Vegan Challenge

My 30-day vegan challenge was one of the most stimulating parts of this blog’s year.  It inspired a lot of creative writing, and the series are some of the most liked and commented on posts of WEB?.  The post, “Vegan Challenge: The Dreaded Dinner Party” wins the award for Most Liked Post in 2013!

3. Korean Sannakji

“As long as you chew, it won’t get stuck.”  Watch the full video of me trying live octopus here.

2. Korean Fish Market

How often do you get to meet the animal before it ends up on your plate?  In the coastal city of Sokcho, Korea, I visited a fish market and actually chose an oblivious swimming fish to be immediately prepared and served sashimi style.  I said a sacrificial prayer as the fresh meat melted in my mouth.  It was an alarming and delectable experience.

1. The Inception of Who Eats Better?


It seems ages ago now, but it was only this year that WEB? was born on March 8th.  Maintaining a blog has proved challenging, but satisfying to the mind, and of course, the stomach!  My inaugural post “When do we eat?” wins the award for Most Viewed Post in 2013.  Auld lang syne, 2013, and cheers to 2014!  Happy New Year!

In case you missed the links above, check out some of the best from 2013:

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“Vegan Challenge: Cold Tofurky” – the first of the series
“Vegan Challenge: The Dreaded Dinner Party” – Most Liked in 2013
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