Vegan Challenge: Mad Cow Cravings

I predicted I would be missing cheeseburgers and bacon-wrapped hotdogs (they’re real and they’re incredible), but my actual hankerings weren’t what I expected.  Here are my top six cravings:

1. Butter

This one surprised me because I’ve never been a huge butter person before, pretty much only used it in baking. However, the first morning I woke up to eat breakfast during the challenge, all I wanted was buttery toast.

2. French Toast

I think the last time I had French toast was over two years ago, yet this craving lasted me the whole first week. And how about that, French toast is best with…

3. Butter

Yup, still there.

4. Nacho Cheese

Not real cheese, but the fake, congealed, bright-orange goo they put on chips and call nachos at carnivals, baseball games, or, much more accessible, Taco Bell. This craving haunted me in my dreams.

5. Honey

This wasn’t exactly a craving, but more a desire. I missed out on a seasonal orange blossom honey Braggot ale, a honey-chipotle dressing, and had to sacrifice my favorite Chai latte sweetened with honey…for 30 whole days!!

6. Butter

I seriously couldn’t wait to get my hands on some butter. I was a little concerned.

One Comment on “Vegan Challenge: Mad Cow Cravings

  1. I'm with you on the butter thing. I avoid dairy and butter is one of my top two things I miss. The other is really good cheese. There's simply so good substitute for either one. xo


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