"When do we eat?"

Hello and welcome to my first-ever blog!  I’m excited to finally kick start this long-time aspiration.  This project will be as much of an unpredictable journey for me as it is for anyone reading.  As my inspirational mother says, “It’s an experience, not a performance.”  With that being said, I’m ready to just dive in!  This first post is mainly to inaugurate the blog, an “inbloguration” if you will.

If you’ve ever seen Dick Tracy starring Warren Beatty and Madonna (1990), you may remember the adorably foul-mouthed orphan, “Kid”, whose most notorious line throughout the movie is, “When do we eat?” even when he is currently eating.  Besides me having parents, Kid and I are practically one in the same.  As long as I can remember and even before then, food has always been at the forefront of my mind.  As a kid, I was always asking what we were having for our next meal, usually while we were eating our current one.  As an adult, it’s no different.  Food takes a huge priority in my life, whether I’m planning my meals at home for the week or traveling to a foreign country, I’m pretty much always thinking about what I will eat next.  
To me, food isn’t merely a product, it’s an experience.  I want this blog to revolve around food, but in a nontraditional stance.  Although my kitchen experiments and restaurant affairs will definitely be incorporated, my intentions are to greatly exceed home recipes and dining out.  I have always said my dream job is to be an international food explorer (self-proclaimed title), so I could combine two of my favorite passions: traveling and eating.  I have a philosophy and it is that food creates culture and culture inspires cuisine.  I want to investigate this theory in as broad a spectrum as possible.  I hope this blog is filled with examinations, discoveries, realizations, appreciations, identities, challenges, and more.

I have some pretty specific goals relating to food this year, like learning some Korean recipes for my hopeful trip to South Korea this fall, completing a 30-day vegan challenge, and making homemade Chinese hot and sour soup.  But mostly I just want to find new ways to be inspired by food and vice-versa.  My life already revolves around food; I want to further incorporate it into my day-to-day life and I hope this blog does just that with unique and interesting posts, starting with this one.  This is the first post, but it won’t be the last.  I can’t wait to continue on this flavorful journey.  Thanks for reading!

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