The Stomach Flu Woes

Oh, woe is me, too long from the blog have I been away.
I haven’t been gone, or on vacation, I hate to say.
No shortage of internet, or want of paper and pen.
My typing hands still worked, and my head was a ten.

The reason for my absence is much more internal.
Let me explain why I ditched my online journal.
The life of a food blogger relies on “gastro-creativity.”
So a bout of stomach flu severely limits blog activity.

No food for two days, warm broth doesn’t count.
Room temperature ginger ale is nothing to brag about.
Roiling and gurgling, crying out for my “mummy”.
I saw no reason to record this distress of my tummy.

On day three I followed some motherly advice.
And finally made myself a small bowl of rice.
I’ve never been keen on the grain, but let me tell you.
After two days of liquids, it was so nice to chew!

I felt fine, good enough to stand up on my feet.
But the rice wasn’t enough, I wanted more food to eat.
I wined and dined with friends, didn’t even think twice.
It never occurred that later I’d be paying the price.

Day four was a doosey, I was back to square one.
Only warm broth and ginger ale, and my pride was a none.
Roiling and gurgling, crying for mom once again.
She’d always be there to help ease the pain.

All of day five, I stuck to my mother’s first advice.
The only thing I ate was rice, rice, and rice.
Day six, rice for breakfast, some light juice for lunch.
Dinner was a treat, I was allowed toast to munch.

Day seven was perfect, but I still took it easy.
I didn’t want my stomach to again feel so queasy.
Today I’m complete, even better than before.
My belly and I made peace and ended the war.

If there’s one thing I learned from this stomach bug.
It’d be a lesson in greed, and being overly smug.
But above all of that, more so than the rest.
The main thing I learned is that mother knows best.

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