Boulder Brewery Bouncing

Since living in Boulder, Colorado, it should come as no surprise that I’ve developed a sincere relationship with craft beer.  I’m not sure if I’ve quite reached “hop head” status, but it’s safe to say I’m now a devoted fan of the IPA.  My dad has never been prouder!

My younger brother is also in the midst of cultivating a beer passion and this Memorial Day, we spent the better part of his visit in a serious beer daze.  Each day was spent experimenting with a different local six pack from one of the surrounding areas of Boulder.  The brews within the city limits?  Don’t worry, we’re getting to that. 

Our plan: to visit all of Boulder’s favorite craft breweries in one day.  Reality: it took two days, only because we were having too much fun, and savoring excellent flavors, to pass through quickly!  Take a look at our photographic adventure:

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