Happy Holidays: Best of 2014

‘Tis the season to be jolly and reflect upon the previous year; and boy, was 2014 a good one! This year, thanks to a lot more readers and shares, I want to recognize the best posts of 2014. Without further adieu, the winners are….

Olango, Philippines: "The Most Beautiful Place in the World"

During my winter break in February, and after a visit from my lovely parents, I took a few of my leftover vacation days to make a quick trip to the Philippines.  That sentence in itself is already awesome, no?  “A quick trip to the Philippines?  Sure, I can do that.”  Security at Cebu’s airport.   The Philippines are composed of 7,000 islands, so planning my trip was no easy feat.  It was hard to get started.  After careful research, and a lot of blog-reading, I chose a tiny “resort” on the lesser-known… Read More